Women are more likely to die of a heart attack, stroke, and cancer than men, new study finds

A new study suggests that women may be more likely than men to die from cardiovascular disease, but the differences are small.

The study, published in the American Journal of Public Health, used data from more than 3,200 adults between the ages of 50 and 79 to look at the relationship between cardiovascular disease and smoking.

Researchers looked at the results of data from a nationally representative survey of U.S. adults, and found that women were more likely (28.6%) than men (24%) to die in a heart or stroke, while men (18.3%) were more than twice as likely as women (7.3%).

This suggests that, as women become more physically active, their risk of a cardiovascular event increases.

The researchers suggest that this is because the risk of heart attack and stroke is related to a person’s total body mass index (BMI).

This is a measure of body fat and how much weight someone has.

Women in the U.K. who were classified as overweight had a 25% increased risk of dying from heart disease.

The risk of death in men who were categorized as overweight was 25% higher than in women who were in the same category.

However, the risk was still only 3.7% in women.

Women who were overweight or obese had a 20% increased mortality risk.

Women in the group who were obese had an even higher risk, with an additional 18% increased death risk.

This study is the first to compare the risk between women and men for cardiovascular death.

The researchers used data on mortality from all causes and cancer, including lung cancer and prostate cancer, to create their study.

In total, the researchers analyzed about 3,300 people.

This was the first study to look specifically at the effects of physical activity on cardiovascular mortality.

Previous studies have found that, in general, people who exercise are more healthy and live longer than those who do not.

However, there are limitations to these findings.

The authors said that they do not know whether physical activity is associated with a better outcome in any given person.

It may not be the case for everyone, they said.

For example, a person might not be physically active enough to reduce their risk.

However in the study, the people who were physically active did not have a lower risk of mortality.

“The study did not find a direct association between physical activity and mortality, but it did suggest that the effects are large,” the authors said.

They did not include the people in the trial who did not participate in physical activity because of a health condition, a health insurance status, or because they were unable to participate.

“We found no differences between women or men in mortality risk,” the researchers said.

“There are limitations in the current study, however, in that the effect was limited to women and did not reach statistical significance.

However it is possible that women and/or men who are physically active have a different risk of cardiovascular death and therefore might have different risk factors for mortality.”

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