Why you should avoid eating fried food in Texas

The Texas Department of Health says people should avoid fried foods in the panhandle, because they are the cause of more than 30,000 deaths.

The department says people can get the flu and other illnesses from eating fried foods, and they’re also the cause for more than 400,000 hospitalizations a year.

It recommends eating fried items in restaurants, at home and at the grocery store.

“If you’re on a busy road or in a fast-food restaurant, you’re probably eating more fried food than you’re actually eating,” said Dr. David Bovey, the state health officer.

“It’s the number one food source of foodborne illness in the state, so if you’re not eating at home, that’s a big problem.”

Dr. Boveys office has been inundated with phone calls from people in Texas who say they’re getting sick because they’re eating fried.

He says it’s hard to tell the difference between fried food and regular food.

People often call to tell him about their fried food, and he says it depends on what they’re putting in their mouths.

He said that it’s really important to get your food right.

He recommends eating at least one piece of fried food a day.

“You’re not getting any of that nutrients that you’re supposed to get from eating a balanced diet,” he said.

Dr. Dina Wahlquist is a nutritionist at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi.

She said the fried foods that she sees most often on a regular basis are those made from wheat flour.

Wheat flour is the same stuff that makes bread, and that’s what’s used to make fried chicken.

Wahlquez says you could get sick from eating too much wheat flour, and you should only eat one piece a day if you don’t want to get sick.

She says the risk of getting sick from consuming a large quantity of fried foods is not that great, because the risk from eating that many fried foods and not getting sick is much higher.

She recommends you only eat two pieces of fried chicken a day, and one piece is enough for two people.

“But it’s very important that you limit that amount of food that you eat,” she said.

Welsons office is also getting a lot of calls about fried foods being unsafe, especially for the elderly.

She suggests you do not eat them unless you’re sure that the food is safe.

She also recommends that people limit their consumption to just two pieces a day and that they only eat those foods that they think are safe.

“When you eat them, they don’t taste good,” she says.

“So it’s not really a concern.”

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