Why the ‘Neutrality’ of the ‘Health’ System is ‘No Fuzz’

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Now Playing: What the Trump administration is planning to do with ‘Obamacare’ subsidiesNow Playing ‘No-Show’ and ‘No Touchdown’ signs at U.N. summit on climate changeNow Playing Trump’s ‘No Trumps’ policy on trade deals is not newNow Playing The U.K. is looking to regulate ‘fake news’ with new legislationNow Playing A new wave of ‘fake’ news on social mediaThe new Trump administration has proposed several new rules to protect Americans from the spread of ‘Fake News,’ according to a new report.

President Donald Trump’s administration is considering several new measures to protect people from the spreading of ‘False News’ during the next administration, including new rules that would make it a crime to spread fake news, the New York Times reported Thursday.

The Trump administration was asked by members of Congress to submit a proposal to the Office of Management and Budget by the end of the month to codify and expand existing regulations to protect consumers, the newspaper reported.

The proposal would also expand existing protections for businesses and consumers against false or misleading claims about the products they sell.

A spokesman for the Office for Information and Regulatory Affairs, which manages the federal agencies that issue regulations, did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the report.

The OIR has been tasked with developing new rules related to the dissemination of information about the Federal Government, including information about how information is shared, how information can be verified and how agencies may use and protect that information.

The Federal Trade Commission and the Office that Assesses Federal Consumer Privacy and Security have issued guidelines for consumer protection, the Times reported.

President Trump’s personal lawyers have said that the administration is not looking at making it a criminal offense to disseminate false or false information about Trump, the report said.

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