Why Are People Eating Too Much Meat and Seafood? The truth about what they are eating and why it’s bad

HINGE HECKS – A man in his mid-40s was on his way to work on Wednesday when a bus carrying two dozen of his fellow employees stopped on the highway and refused to move.

The driver demanded to know the man’s name and asked him if he wanted to buy a hamburger.

The man said he didn’t want to eat it and that he would have a hamburgers sandwich.

He was eventually driven away.

A few hours later, he returned and the driver said, “That’s my name.

You’ve got to give me a dollar, you have to pay me back the rest of the money.”

The man said the man was from the same town.

The bus driver then called the police.

The man was taken to the hospital, where he had a stomach flu.

As of Friday morning, he was in critical condition.

The incident has prompted the Department of Labor to investigate.

The Department of Transportation and Public Works says the man had been driving a truck that was supposed to move traffic and the incident may have led to a collision.