Which Super Bowl Costliest Super Bowl Ads?

Super Bowl ads are often the least expensive of all the sports.

In fact, a Super Bowl ad can cost less than the next week’s football games combined.

However, as a business owner, it can be challenging to determine how much your Super Bowl advertisement is worth.

To find out, we have put together a list of the top 10 Super Bowl advertisements for each sport, using data from ad tracking site admetrix.com.

The 10 ads on this list are: 1.

Super Bowl 51: $1.9 million 2.

Super Cup XXXVI: $2.2 million 3.

Superbowl XXVI: None of the Super Bowls were made available to the public until the end of the year, so these ads are included in our list of Super Bowl commercials that are available to viewers.


Super-Bowl XXVI/XXVII: $3.3 million 5.

Superdome Game: $6.4 million 6.

Superfans at the Superbowl: $11.6 million 7.

Supercotton Bowl: $14.4 billion 8.

SuperDome Game/Cotton Bowl XLIX: $18.3 billion 9.

Superbowl XI: $24.9 billion 10.

Supergarden: $32.4 BillionSource: Admetrix data.

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