Which Queensland hospital is the best?

Heart health network chief executive Paul Ketter says Kettering Health Network (KHN) is the health service of choice for the nation’s health and wellbeing.

Key points:KHG chief executive, Paul Keter, says Ketters heart health network is “the health service for choice”The network has expanded from 20 locations to 150 in 2016The network now covers more than 20,000 peopleKHF chief executive Peter Rau said the network’s expansion to 150 locations would help patients and their families to get the best care possible.

“I think that it is really important to recognise that Kettering has a lot of patients who are already here who can’t access the services that they need,” Mr Rau told news.com-au.

“It is important to remember that they are already in a situation where they are able to access those services.”

That is the challenge with a health system like ours.

“We have the resources that we do have but the demand for health care services in our country is just not there.”KETTERING HEALTH NETWORK Chief Executive Paul KETTER said the expanded network was a “huge success” and would allow patients and families to access care they otherwise would not be able to.

“The growth of the network has allowed us to reach more than 15,000 patients and to expand our network to 150 hospitals and to the state of Queensland,” he said.

“This expansion has also allowed us the opportunity to provide a full range of primary care services including mental health, and cancer and respiratory health care.”KHWN has also seen a marked increase in the number of visits for primary care visits and in the numbers of referrals to the hospital.

“The network expanded from its 20 locations in 2016 to 150.

In 2016, the network covered more than 10,000 residents.

The network had more than 2,300 patients on its waiting list in December and had seen an increase in visits.”

In 2017, the number has increased by almost 80 per cent,” Mr Ketter said.

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