When you don’t feel like going to the gym, get a fitness tracker

There are a few things you can do when you don´t feel like exercising, and most of those things involve using a fitness device.

But what if you want to stay healthy, but don´tt have access to one?

Here are the top fitness trackers you can get right now.


The My Health Vanderbilt 3rd Generation Health Connector $100 There is something about the new My Health 2 that appeals to me, especially when it comes to its price tag.

The Vanderfellers 3rd generation Health Connectors have more storage, more features, and better performance.

I found myself using the device less and less over the course of the month.

But when I did get the device in the mail, I had a hard time deciding if it was worth the money.

The battery lasted a whopping 10 hours, and it even has a built-in heart rate monitor, which is cool.

However, I would not recommend it as an everyday activity tracker.

I would rather have a fitness monitor that works with a phone app and has built-ins like the heart rate or sleep tracker, or a fitness app that lets you see your data in real time.

The best fitness tracker available right now for less than $100.


Fitbit Charge HR $200 Fitbit has been making smart watches for a while, and the new Charge HR is no exception.

The Watch Sport is a smartwatch that runs Android Wear and runs your phone in a virtual reality environment.

The device is a great addition to Fitbit’s fitness lineup, as it offers features like heart rate tracking, sleep tracking, and sleep tracking support.

But it also has a few drawbacks.

The most obvious one is that it is very, very expensive.

If you want a fitness tracking device that works across all your devices, then the Charge HR may be for you.

But if you are just looking for a smart watch with some serious fitness features, then you should go for the Fitbit Surge.


Fitbix Pro $199 The Fitbx Pro is the latest version of the Fitbax, and as such it has some great features like GPS and Bluetooth connectivity, as well as the ability to track your sleep.

However the main thing that the Fitx Pro has going for it is its price.

The Pro runs Android OS and has a more affordable price tag than the FitBax Pro.

The Fitx is also one of the most powerful fitness trackars out there, and I would recommend that you get the Pro for $199.

If the Fitxa is too expensive for you, the Fitmix Pro is another good option.

The fitness tracker from Fitbit is available now, and is available in four colors.

I have tested the FitMix Pro on several different people, and found it to be the most comfortable tracker I have used.

You can purchase it on Amazon for $79.99.


FitBit Surge $299 This is the newest version of Fitbit.

Fitbits Surge has the most advanced features, but it also is the least affordable tracker out there.

It comes in four different colors, and you can purchase the Surge for $299.

If that sounds like too much for you to spend, then it may be worth looking into the FitBit Charge 2 instead.

The Charge 2 is also a great tracker, but the Surge is a more accurate option.

FitBits Surge and Charge are currently only available in the United States, but if you do not have an account yet, you can register on the Fitbits website.


Garmin Vivosmart V3 $299 The Vivosmarts V3 is Garmin’s latest smartwatch.

It features GPS, an integrated heart rate sensor, and has two cameras to help track your activity.

If all you want is a fitness track that you can wear on your wrist, then this might not be the right option for you right now, but you can definitely get it for a good price.

You don’t need to buy the Vivossmart V5, which has a bigger screen, better GPS, and an integrated health sensor.

You just need the Vivsmarts Vivos 2.

This smartwatch is available for $399.

This is a good option for people who want a smart wearable, and doesn’t require you to have an online account.

It is available to buy online from the Fitbis online store.

Garmin also recently launched a new version of their fitness tracker, the Vivo 3, which will also come with a GPS and heart rate monitoring.

This new Vivo will come with the GPS and the heartrate sensor, as opposed to the Vivus 2.

The Vivo has been a popular option for many users, and they are also available for preorder on Amazon.

There is also an updated version of this device coming out later this year, the Vivo3

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