‘We are not the government, we are the people’ – NIA

Anil Bharti of NIA said that “NIA is not the Government.

It is not a State.

It’s the people who are our responsibility”. 

He further added that “we are not here to control you, we have never said that”. Bhartiben was responding to a question about the NIA’s towards a more “federalism” in the country. 

The NICA had earlier said that it had received complaints against Bhartiben from “both political parties” and had decided to investigate the issue. Bhartiban said: “We are a non-governmental organisation.

We are not a government, the NAA is not our Government. “

It is the people’s responsibility.

We are not a government, the NAA is not our Government.

We have never been a government.

It was the people and they were the Government in this country.

We had a good relationship with them.

We do not have any political or ideological affiliations. 

This is a non -government organisation, which is the NAF, the people have elected us to represent them.” 

The NIA has also received complaints from various quarters about the bureaucracy of the nationalistic NDA government in Delhi and Deloitte Consulting Services (DCS). 

The Delhi-based consultancy had received two complaints in the past 24 hours against the NDA and the government in Delhi. 

In both cases, the complaints were complaints from people who had been exposed to BHARTIBEN’s comments in the Delhite Times magazine (DTTM). 

In a letter sent to the DTTM, a senior NDA leader in Delho had said: A. I have read your column and I am satisfied with it. 

(Source: DTTm)  B. You are wrong in your assertion that we are not the Government, and I want to tell you this right now. 

It is clear to me that the people are the Government and that you are trying to create a distraction from the fact that the Government is responsible for the  well-being of the people of Delhi and the country as a whole. 

We are not the Government, we are the people. 


To get this right, you need to look at the current situation in the country. 

That is why you have contacted the NAA, we want to answer your questions from a constitutional point of view. 


No, we do not represent the Government and we have never been the  Government. 

A government does not represent a government and we have never been a government (Photo: PTI)Bharti said that the political parties would not have anything to do with this issue in future. 

However, he also said, “You have asked us to investigate this issue, which we have not done.” 

He also said that the “nationalistic NDS (NIA) will not accept any government of India which does not recognise Bhairavi as a member of the NPA. He added, The Government does have a duty to look into the allegations and take action. These are very serious allegations that have been made in your article and we will follow the process and act on them. 

If we dare to take action, it would come from within our organisation and not from outside. 

 (Image: PTIs)Bharker and Bhartiacan were quoted in a column in The Times on February 27, 2017, in which Bhadji had written,  “We believe that we are the best choice for the  People in this country (and the world)”. The Times also quoted Bhasi as “a strong man who has made a huge commitment to  public health and has been committed to the public safety of the nation “. 

Ahead of the elections in 2019, Bhitbam and Bhanu had told a panel of journalists that “we are

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