Texas Health and Human Services is taking on Allina Health

Texas Health & Human Services (HHS) has a long history of investing in innovative, proven solutions to health care problems and is making the transition to a modern, digital health information technology (HIT) delivery system, CEO and CEO of Allina Healthcare, Scott Weinstock, announced in an interview on Monday.HHS announced in December that it would become the first state agency to be completely digital, replacing traditional paper-based documents with HIT technology that would allow for more efficient and efficient services, and that Allina will have the opportunity to share its HIT platform with a range of health care providers.

Allina Health, which operates more than 1,600 health care facilities across Texas, announced its acquisition of Allinan in May, and Weinstocks announcement Monday said that the new entity will be able to better serve consumers, which will include the millions of patients who rely on Allinans technology to access and manage their health care.HIT systems have been used for more than a century to help people access health care, but they are often less efficient than traditional methods of delivery, Weinstocking said.

Weinstocked pointed out that HIT systems are now the most used technology across the world, with over $500 billion spent on health care technology in the last year alone.

Hits are designed to take the guesswork out of delivering care, and Allinas technology offers a number of ways to better integrate HIT with health care services, including its own data and health care professionals, Weinfock said.

In an effort to provide a better experience for its customers, Allina plans to add new capabilities to its HIT system, including more data-driven features, and an enhanced search engine.

Weinfocks announcement comes as Texas Health is planning to open an additional 2,000 health care clinics to the public, with the goal of expanding its existing clinics to more patients and hospitals in the state.

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