How to fix Obamacare in a day

An Obamacare replacement bill could be ready in the next few weeks, and it would be more sweeping than the original bill, according to a new report from Axios.

The report, which cites people familiar with the process, says that a House GOP proposal could eliminate some of the most popular Obamacare provisions.

The plan would replace Obamacare’s individual mandate with a tax on sugary drinks, allow people to keep more of their health insurance for as long as they want and limit the amount of time they can keep their insurance.

The House GOP plan also includes the idea of a tax to help fund a Medicare-for-all health care system.

Axios says the bill is being held up in the Senate by Democrats, who say it doesn’t go far enough to ensure Americans can keep insurance if they are hurt or die.

The Axios report says there is also a plan to replace the federal insurance subsidies that people get to buy health insurance on their own, and that could be done by eliminating the ACA’s taxes on insurance and eliminating some of its taxes on medical devices.

Axiom Health, the insurer that provides coverage for the sickest people, is expected to sign up at least half of the people it covers under the House plan, the Axiom report said.

Axioms CEO Tom Ainsworth, a former insurance executive, is the chief executive officer of Avalere Health, which has been advising Axiom on its health insurance plan.

Ainswillow told Axios that the House bill would “make health care cheaper” and “better for the economy,” and that Axios plans to expand coverage under the plan.

Axion’s report comes on the heels of Axios reporting on the collapse of Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, the second-largest insurer in the U.S. It is one of several insurance companies to report that Anthem Blue Collar and Humana Blue Cross had been sold to other insurers.

Anthem and Humane have also announced that they are exiting the Obamacare exchanges, but are planning to start providing new coverage in 2018.

The companies also said that the insurers’ individual health plans are being canceled and that the new coverage would cost more.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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