How are you feeling about the health screening of women in Canada?

The public health department said it’s working to address concerns raised by women about screening for mental health.

The department is now using an app that asks users if they would like to have their symptoms assessed and then sends them a questionnaire about their health and lifestyle.

The app is available in a handful of Canadian cities, including Ottawa, Montreal, and Toronto.

It is also available in British Columbia and Saskatchewan.

The app has been available in Canada since January.

But Health Minister Sarah Hoffman said it is a first for Canada.

“It’s a first that it’s being tested in Canada,” she said.

“We’re going to make sure that it gets rolled out in a more timely manner, so that women can continue to be informed about their screenings.”‘

It’s important to be safe’ for women with mental health problemsHoffman said the app was created to address the health and safety concerns that some women have about being screened for mental illness.

“When we’re making these decisions, we’re also looking to ensure that the information is accurate and that it reflects what the experts have been saying about what mental health is like,” she added.

The new app is not available in every Canadian city.

In some, it has not yet been rolled out.

Health Minister Hoffman said the public health agency will also continue to work with hospitals and health care professionals to ensure it works across the country.

The public health service is also testing a new program to give mental health care providers the option of having a trained health care professional in their office to ask questions about women’s mental health and wellbeing.

The health department has not set a timeline for when the app will be available to the public.

Development Is Supported By

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